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Un nouveau site internet pour le leader européen de conciergeries automobiles.

Project Type: Website development

Technology: Webflow + JavaScript development

The company

Carsup was born in 2019 as a result of a very simple observation:

Every owner of an exceptional car, ancient or modern, encounters difficulties in the management, the storage, the maintenance or in the purchase, the sale and even, in the use of his car.

Relieving collectors of these constraints has since been the sole objective of Carsup. 



Create a new, modern, high-end website with a refined design.


Communicating Carsup's values: Quality, Transparency and Innovation


Develop custom features.

The existing website

"Available parkings" page
"Contact" page

Le site existant avait été fait avec WordPress.

Although functional, it was an amateurish-looking site and didn't live up to the standards of an industry leader.

Le but était donc de créer un site professionnel qui montre le niveau de l’entreprise et la qualité de ses services.

Website structure

First of all, we need to determine the pages and structure of the new site.

Pour simplifier, ce schéma contient uniquement les pages les plus importantes du nouveau site.




Cars for sale


Concierge services

Assistance to buy

Assistance to sell

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The Design

A website is like a house: it all starts with the plans.

First stage of the project: creation of the various graphic models.

Choice of colors

To keep things luxurious and minimalist, only a few colors have been chosen:


Choice of typography

The typography was already provided by Carsup.


With a graphic identity in place, it was time to create the various site mock-ups

Here are some examples:



Cars for sale

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Customized features

Maintenant, il faut développer les fonctionnalités qui vont améliorer l’expérience utilisateur sur le site internet.

Des véhicules en vente

Sort by mileage, make, city, etc.

Les conciergeries disponibles

Possibilité de trouver par pays et par ville.

A pre-filled contact form

The contact form is automatically filled in with a message depending on the button clicked.

Example of a visitor interested in a particular vehicle for sale:

Click on the "I'm interested in this vehicle" button

(Message automatically filled in with the car model concerned)

Un site multilingue

Le site est disponible en français et en anglais.

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Website launch

SEO redirects

To avoid losing the Google ranking linked to the old website, it's very important to carry out SEO redirects.

Getting started course

Thanks to the chosen CMS (Webflow), all site information can be modified via a simple, intuitive interface.

The getting started course is always included in the website project to understand how it works and to carry out important actions:

  • Update texts
  • Update images
  • Add/delete vehicles for sale
  • Add new concierge services locations
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Bonus: Web application

Web application for for Carsup customers

Meanwhile, we await the development of a more complete mobile application.

I created a very simple web application on WordPress.

The objective of the application is to enable customers to log on to a dedicated area and view the latest information about their exceptional vehicles.

Key application figures :

6 hours

Of UI design

2.5 days

Of development

All in all, about 3 days' work to launch a working web application.


+2 other app pages

+2 other app pages

Project summary

It was a beautiful project.

I'm still working with Carsup to add new features to the site or to create sales pages.

And ... That's it !

Do you have a similar project? If so, don't hesitate to contact Juan to set up an appointment to discuss your project.